Spiritual Services

Providing Veterans, Service members and their families with the necessary skills to ensure spiritual fitness and resiliency. Chaplaincy staff is available to support you and your family.

Contact info for the Lead Chaplain is:
Veterans Crisis Line

Visitation: Visitation is an important part of chaplains support. Chaplains & chaplain assistants make visits in order to minister and provide support.

Spiritual Fitness: The chaplaincy staff is here to provide you with a set of tools designed to keep you resilient, purposeful and focused. These tools range from religious support to spiritual guidance.

Life-Skills Counseling: Chaplains offer 100% confidential counseling for depression, grief, or job stress, & a host of other issues that affect Veterans & their families.

Suicide Intervention: Suicide deaths have surpassed combat deaths, but suicide is preventable. Chaplains are available 24/7 to speak with you thinking about suicide.

Marriage & Relationship Counseling: Maintaining marriages & relationships are of paramount concern everyone. Chaplains can provide you with skills to improve marital, family & non-family relationships.

Obligation to confidentiality.
The “Code of Ethics for Chaplains of the Armed Services” affirms that all chaplains will hold in confidence any privileged communication received during the conduct of his/her ministry.